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Dirtier than Before

Jake's Bitch Ass

jacob alvarado
I do what I want.
30footfall, 80's music, a clock work orange, aaliyah, air, alkaline trio, amphibious assualt, anal cunt, andy warhol, angelina jolie, anne rice, antonio sabato jr, aphex twin, b movies, babes in toyland, bikini kill, bitching at straights, bjork, bondage, boots, boys, boys kissing, buffalo '66, buffulo 66, buffy, but i'm a cheerleader, cecil b. demented, clive barker, club kids, cock, courtney love, cruel intentions, daria, dario argento, devil in the flesh, disco bloodbath, donnie darko, drinking, electronica, eliza dushku, eye liner, film making, freeway 2, fuck bush, fuck kurt cobain, fucking punk boys, garbage, gay cinema, gay porn stars, ghost world, gia carangi, ginger snaps, gothic boys, gregg araki, hardcore fucking, hellraiser, hole, huge dick, independent films, jack off jill, james duval, jawbreaker, johnathan schaech, journalism, joy division, kelis, kelli ali, kill bill, ladytron, langham creek, le tigre, leather, lesbian films, lip service, living dead dolls, lollipops, lords of acid, love, madonna, mannequin porn, marilyn manson, michael moore, modest mouse, muscular men, natural born killers, new york, newport cigarettes, nine inch nails, nirvana sucks, nowhere, opposite of sex, party monster, piercing's, pills, poems, psycho beach party, queer as folk, queers, quentin tarantino, requium for a dream, ring pops, riot grrls, rocky horror picture show, rose mcgowen, ryan rodgers, scarling, scary movies, showgirls, simon rex, sneaker pimps, sour gummi worms, spikie hair, spitting at people, splendor, stars, sublime, sundance, t.a.t.u, tarot cards, tattoos, techno, texas, the brotherhood, the cardigans, the doom generation, the living end, the postal service, the rules of attraction, tlc, tommy lee, veruca salt, white oleander, wild things two, writing, yeah yeah yeah's